Don’t Miss These 4 Fun Things to do While in Naples

airboat ride

Heading to Naples and the Paradise Coast for some sun and sand?

Maybe enjoy some of the premium golf spots?

The beaches on the Gulf are fantastic and the greens are great, for sure.

But don’t make those your only stop. Here are four don’t miss attractions to spice up your Paradise Coast vacation.

The Naples Zoo

Looking for black bears in Florida? Want to hand feed the giraffes? Want to get up close and personal, sort of, with the alligators?

Then hit the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens to see a fantastic array of wildlife and fun. It’s 52 acres of wildlife from around the world. Originally founded by botanist Dr. Henry Nehrling in 1919 and restored and combined with Caribbean Gardens in 1954 by Julius Fleischmann, it has hosted scientists and other notables like Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Edison.

The Revs Institute for Automotive Research

Got a rare car buff in the crowd? The Revs Institute is just the ticket then. Much more than a car Museum, the Institute preserves and collects an automotive heritage. Even the non-buff will find it fascinating.

There are four exhibits that allow you to see different aspects of the collection. From historical, game changing cars that shaped the 20th century to the rare and luxurious. Then hit the raceway and see the famous cars and their owners that influenced the sport of racing.

Airboat Rides Through the Everglades

You’ve seen airboats on TV now that you’re here, jump aboard! There are many ride operators on the Paradise Coast, so there’s no reason to miss that wild ride blasting through the Everglades.

You’ll learn about Everglades’ wildlife, plants and folklore as you twist and turn through the mangrove tunnels in the mangrove jungles. Or fly through the grasslands and see the river of grass that the Everglades is really famous for.

Do it!

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

Want to get an idea of what Florida was like before the developers hit?

Here’s where you get a boardwalk tour through 14,000 acres of marshland and see the past. Home to otters, alligators, white-tailed deer and 600+-year-old trees, the sanctuary is also where a large collection of endangered birds also find safe sanctuary.

The 2.25 mile boardwalk wanders through the sanctuary and puts you among the pine flatwood, marsh, wet prairie and old growth forest. Remember your water, bug spray camera and binoculars.

Be sure to pack your sunscreen for protection in the outdoors. And don’t forget your favorite nootropic like Lumonol. You’ll want to stay sharp and focused while enjoying the Naples experience.



Photo credit: Experience Kissimmee