Top 5 Tips for Dealing with Rain While on Vacation in Naples, FL


It happens a lot….

You plan your entire vacation to Florida expecting beautiful sunny weather….then all of a sudden…..the rain comes down.

If you live here in Florida, there is a saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Florida, just wait 5 minutes.”

This is try the majority of the time.  Rain storms can move in an out within 5-10 minutes.  But there are those few days where the rain just does not end.

You need to be prepared for this.  It you are not, it can ruin your day, or your entire vacation.

Here are the top 5 tips for dealing with rain:

  1. Keep an umbrella handy.
  2. Try a rain poncho.
  3. Have an alternate plan for each day.
  4. Keep a good list of indoor activities that you can do during the rainy weather.
  5. When all else fails, there is always the movies.

Let’s talk briefly about these.

Keep an umbrella handy

This may see fairly simple, but you will be amazed at how many Floridians still make the mistake of going out and not having an umbrella with them.  Trust me, you will thank me for this one, even though it seems like common sense.

Try a rain poncho

Seriously, I never thought I would use one, but we were are Disney World one day and the rain just started coming down in sheets.  My husband, thankfully, had purchased some cheap $1 ponchos in the camping section of Walmart and we had those tucked in our bag.  Wow, you will not believe how grateful we were to have those.

Have an alternate plan for each day

Of course going to the beach and hanging outside whether it is shopping or eating is the ideal day in Florida.  But if the weather is bad, you need to have some alternate choices.  Some suggestions could be shopping at an indoor mall or going to a museum.

Keep a good list of indoor activities you can do during the rainy weather

There are lots of things you can do inside.  You can play card games, drinking games, or just sit on the porch of your condo and watch the rain.  Sometimes it can be quite a show to see.  Just remember to stay away from the water when it is lightening out.  It can get to be quite dangerous.

When all else fails, there is always the movies

Last but not least, the movies can help save the day.  Check out a local theater to see what is playing and spend the day there, or at least a few hours, maybe the rain will clear up while you are there.

Hope you found these tips to be helpful.